Wrestler The Big Show Teases The Next Destiny 2 Expansion

So this is a thing now, we had Black Ops IIII teased by NBA player James Harden’s hat, and now WWE wrestler The Big Show, aka Paul King, has tweeted a picture of the Warmind logo from Destiny 2 with the caption “Soon……#Destiny2 Partner”

Leaks have revealed that the next Destiny 2 expansion will centre around the Warmind and it is assumed the Mr. King will be voicing the A.I., although he may just be getting paid a bucket load of cash to promote the game to his 2.5m Twitter followers.


Sources have told me that EA will be enlisting Sue Perkins to promote Anthem, and Sony’s God of War will feature the cast of Jersey Shore during a feasting scene. We’re also expecting Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 to be revealed by a bumper sticker on Ryan Reynolds SUV.

Source: Twitter

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Big Show’s real name is Paul White not Paul King. He is also a pretty big gamer. Very excited for this!

  2. However, this is the Big Show and he is not to be trusted. He is known to go from good to bad to good to bad within the space of an hour and I would not be surprised if he was trolling.

    But the dude is a huge destiny fan and to be able to get involved with marketing for it must be a dream come true. Or he just burst in, threatened them and I kinda want for wrestlers to do that. Burst into random publishers, threaten to beat them up if they can’t advertise.

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