Gran Turismo Sport Gets A Free Update With Two Very Flash Audis

Turn on Gran Turismo and you should find a new update waiting which brings with it two new free cars which were given a real-world debut yesterday at the Audi Driving Experience Center located just outside Ingolstadt.

There’s actually one one car, the Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo, but there are two versions with different power-trains.


Answering to the call for a variety of power-trains in recent years, there will be 2 versions of this car in ‘Gran Turismo Sport’: the car with the blacked-out front grille is the ‘Audi Vision Gran Turismo’, a hybrid version combining a 3.4L V6 turbo engine to power the rear wheels and a motor/generator unit in front. The total system power is a whopping 950 kW (1292 ps)

The other version is the ‘Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo’, a pure EV model. This version can be recognised by its white front grille. With a single 200 kW motor in front and two for the rear, the total system output is 600 kW (815 ps).

And now, car porn:


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  1. Nice to see an OE partnership. Car was revealed to the public and press at the same time the update went live.

    The hybrid one is a tricky beast, great to see a pure-EV in the game now.

  2. I was wondering what was in the update when it popped up in my PSVR yesterday. Now I know cheers. Too busy enjoying Wipeout VR to give the cars a go, for now.

  3. Who decided a new car needs an extra long preview you can’t skip when you start the game? I went from “oooh, a new car” to “why don’t any of the buttons skip this?” to “the music in this game really is shit, isn’t it?” in the time I could have been using to actually race something. The thing the game is supposed to let you do.

    And somehow, all the idiotic decisions 1 person appears to have made because “it’s my game, so screw you” still haven’t stopped it being a good game. And one day, once all the little improvements add up, it’ll be a great game. I’m still hoping for more VR support, or at the very least stop the edges of the screen going black if you hit something. Which I’m guessing is a comfort option that is neither an option or comfortable.

    • We all lost a couple of minutes of our life to that video. On top the 30 mins it took to install the patch – who knew it took longer to prepare the patch and copy it than it did to download.

      Despite fixing the bugs the last patch brought along, it didn’t fix some of the other bugs including the online lobbies crashing. Sadly.

      • That’s why you let it download updates automatically. Or, if the update hasn’t downloaded yet, you just let it do it’s thing while you do something else.

        And yes, taking longer to copy the update than it does to download it is weird. Almost as weird as an update of 100s of megabytes needing anywhere between 100s of megabytes and 50 gigabytes of free space, depending on what mood it’s in.

      • 5GBs was what it was asking for a 300mb update, as per.

        I never leave any consoles on stand by to be honest, so I just update when necessary. It baffles me why a download needs to be prepared and then copied. Haven’t seen any other device do that.

  4. Not heard the 1w initiative?

    Sony put an ultra low power ARM standby CPU in the PS4, so it can download and install stuff in standby without running the main system (or even the main OS).

    It’s a very clever embedded operating system on a low power chip that has access to the decryption keys the HDD and the network.

  5. Haven’t played PSVR for a while so i loaded this up for a few hours and enjoyed the new time trials, plus VR feels more like it’s actually part of the game rather than some disconnected novelty extra in the menu now that they’ve integrated some stats progression with the main game.

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