The Banner Saga 3 Will Release On 24th July

The very highly regard Banner Saga will come to an end this summer, as Stoic announced the game’s 24th July release date. This is, as announced a few months ago, quite a bit earlier than they’d planned during the game’s Kickstarter crowdfunding drive. The game is coming to PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch all at the same time, with the Switch version of the saga set to be preceded by ports of the first two games.


Pre-orders are now up for a few different versions of the game on PC, with a Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition with Austin Wintory’s soundtrack bundled in and the Legendary Edition that adds a few more digital extras. If you’re on console, 505 Games are bringing the game to retail with Banner Saga Trilogy: Bonus Edition, and you’ll obviously be able to buy a trilogy bundle on PC digitally.

Banner Saga 3 takes players on a final journey beyond the wall of Darkness, carrying on from the narrative threads and building on the characters from the first two games. John Watson, Technical Director of Stoic said, “Banner Saga 3 represents the feeling of closure but also immense accomplishment to a trilogy that has been at the very fabric of our lives for many years. We’re ever thankful to the fans and backers that have shared this epic journey with us and helped us deliver what we feel is a fitting end to our Viking adventure.”

Source: press release

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