Corey Barlog Reacts To God Of War’s Metacritic Score, Needs Hugs

“I didn’t f*ck it up,”

Here’s the moment when Corey Barlog clicked on Metacritic to find out what reviewers thought of the new God of War. The game currently has a rating of 95, with only a few heartless, nasty bastards (like Jim) giving the game a lower score than 10/10.

Source: YouTube

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  1. I only just realised his name is Barlog, not Balrog. And you’re not helping with that headline.

    Either that’s deliberate, or you’ll change the spelling and act all innocent about it now.

  2. Now I just need to decide if I buy it now, with my backlog as big as it is, or wait.

    Why do I get the feeling that whenever I try and buy it, it’s going to be out of stock? Got the money sat in my Amazon account, and tried the other day, but it was out of stock then. Which is apparently some massive conspiracy between Amazon and Sony. Or at least some parts of the internet think so.

    • I think they do sometimes reserve stock for Prime members but I could be wrong? That could just be around Black Friday.

      • Yes, they often have things where they do that, and not just around Black Friday. Any time something is low on stock _and_ popular, it’s likely to happen. But it’s always marked as such, presumably to try and tempt you into paying for Prime.

        In this case, it was just marked as “unavailable”, until today. Which anyone sensible would assume just means they’d sold all the copies they were going to have before release. Some bits of the internet tried to make a big conspiracy out of it though. Possibly because they heard someone had seen something on Reddit that claimed to have seen a now-deleted tweet from someone else containing something Amazon told a bloke in a pub somewhere.

  3. You just know they’re super confident with their game when they allow the reviews to go out a week before release. Always a good sign. Still, it must be pretty nerve-racking and a huge relief when the feedback is as overwhelmingly positive as it is in this case. Except for Jim of course (poor Jim) and his meagre 8…


    • 8 is a very fine score.

      • Yeah, I kinda said that in jest after you referred to him as a ‘heartless, nasty b-word for giving the game a lower score than 10/10’.

        Of course 8/10 is an awesome score but 9/10 is awesomer.

        Also, I just got off the phone with Corey a moment ago (I actually didn’t) and he told me the antagonist in the next GOW will be modelled on ‘Jim’. But he could be referring to another ‘Jim’, I don’t know? Are they any ‘Jim’ gods in Norse Mythology? :D

  4. Lovely video as it shows so many things. The pressure that come with the responsibility of looking after your team, day in, day out; the amount of effort made over those five years.

    Very happy for the devs as the reviews show that they’ve clearly earnt it.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, well said.

  5. This actually brought a tear to my eyes. Congratulations on the awesome game you out.

  6. I brought GOW yesterday and so far it’s definitely worth the score.
    I’m only about 45 mins in and damn it’s good.

    Well done to Barlog and team.

    After playing ni no kuni 2 I keep pressing the wrong buttons during combat.

  7. I haven’t seen many recognised critics giving less then what is clearly deserved. Absolute belter of a game and stunning on the pro, well done!

    Thank god it didnt get an 8….. that would be a kick in the teeth for this game …… oh wait lol!

    Sorry for the dig but an 8, is becoming more unjustified as the reviews and playing the game goes on. Even reading the review , is just not matching to what me as a day 1 GoW player ( not even a fan boy as i didnt complete some) is seeing on the screen.

    Incredible achievement for the ps4 and think a re review from someone else should be on the cards as 8/10 reviews for sixthaxis include – Prey and vr Tumble and GOW belongs in a better place.

    Bit of a shame as I love sixthaxis!

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