Xbox One’s May Update Will Bring 120Hz Output & Better Game Organisation

Microsoft’s insistence on constantly redesigning the Xbox One dashboard means that there’s always new ways that they can tweak and improve it. The May update is bringing a number of improvements to the system, as well as a fancy new feature for Xbox One X owners.

Their forward thinking approach for the Xbox One X is paying dividends once more, as the May update will bring support for high refresh rate on 1080p and 1440p screens. You’ll soon be able to turn on 120Hz mode and, when a game supports it and in tandem with the recently added variable refresh rate support, get smoother console gameplay than ever before.


More generally, a new Groups feature in the library is more than welcome, letting you organise your games and apps much better than even pins have allowed before. You can view groups in My Games & Apps, Home and Guide, and this will even sync to your cloud profile, so you can always find your games where you expect them, even on other consoles. Hopefully MS aren’t going to throw this out with the next redesign. This feature will roll out to select Alpha Ring members over time, so they can get feedback.

There’s also the new ability to trim captured clips right in the Guide, so you don’t have to open up the Upload Studio anymore, tweaks to the family settings, so parents can more easily manage and monitor gaming habits, and improvements to the Xbox Accessories App and new button commands throughout the dashboard.

As always, all of this will go into testing through the Insider programme before being pushed out for all users some time next month.

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  1. Though it’s not their doing I do wish the upload feature would return to the YouTube app. So annoying that they removed it with no explanation.

    • Yeah. That really was a dumb decision.

    • Agreed, but I’m relieved they’re putting in a trim feature for recorded clips and direct upload to twitter. That’s the only stuff they’ve been lagging behind on atm.

  2. I hate Upload!!! The PS4 clip editing and Sharefactory is far better, so any Upload improvements are very welcome.

    What I do love is the ease in which you can share clips to your activity feed and view via the console or Xbox app. Whilst PS4 does a similar job it just doesn’t seem as fluid and easy to access from the dashboard/PlayStation app.

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