Roll7’s Laser League Is Coming Out For PS4, Xbox One & PC In May

Those friendly folks over at Roll7 are getting ready to release their latest and greatest game into the wild. After a good few alpha and beta tests and a stint in Steam Early Access, their futuristic sports game Laser League is coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 10th May.

Various launch promos are running, with 40% off the price on Steam, 20% off and a free theme on PlayStation 4, and if you’re on Xbox One, the game will be launching straight into the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.


Based around dodging deadly coloured lasers, controlling the laser nodes, and using special abilities to knock out your opponents, it’s a fast and furious multiplayer game for teams of up to four. There’s six classes, sixteen maps with different laser patterns set in four different arenas, fifteen match-altering power ups, and tons of character customisations.

Steam gets to forge ahead though. At launch they’ll get an additional seven maps, two stadiums and two new power-up, as well as six new modifiers. The NewMotion DLC will then add two more player models, eight kits, more laser patterns, emojis and character portraits. Don’t worry on console, as the free added content and paid DLC will be available later in May.

Simon Bennet, Roll7’s studio director said, “Early Access has allowed us to get feedback from players and focus on the priorities. We have worked on bringing new players to the community and delivering new and exciting content. Leaving Early Access is the culmination of a development process that started many years ago and it allows us to get Laser League into the hands of more players, across multiple platforms, so we can answer that call and grow our community.”

Source: press release

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