The April Xbox One Update Is Rolling Out Now

They’re already chatting about the May update, but Microsoft have only now started rolling out the April update for Xbox One. It’s got plenty of new features for all users, but Xbox One X and One S owners get one very particular set of tricks thanks to AMD FreeSync.

Auto Low-Latency Mode is now triggered automatically on certain TVs – this essentially automatically shifts the TV to “game mode” – while computer displays using FreeSync and FreeSync 2 enable variable refresh rate support. All Xbox Ones support FreeSync, while One S and One X owners can support HDR via FreeSync 2. Additionally, S and X can both natively output 1440p, which is particularly useful on X, so that the image isn’t supersampled by the console down to 1080p and then up against to 1440p by the display.


Elsewhere, Microsoft’s home grown Mixer streaming service now lets your share controller, so that viewers can pick up a pad and take over. You can even let them use a virtual controller in the web browser. Mixer can now be activated from anywhere, and there’s native uploading of screenshots and video clips to Twitter.

For accessibility, the Narrator, which reads out the name of any button you select can now have its volume set independently of the console volume, which can also say the button you press on the controller if you’re still learning how to game on console. That selective audio adjustment also applies to streaming music apps while gaming.

Speaking of Apps, I doubt anyone really uses Edge on Xbox One, but it’s been updated, so, yay?

Finally, community tournaments are now right there in Game Hubs and you don’t need to be a club admin in order to create games. Admins can, however, not filter invitations based on a bunch of different criteria.

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