Here’s Kratos Without A Beard, And Saying Boy For An Hour

Sony Santa Monica have released an image showing how Kratos looks without his beard, and boy does he not look happy. Having two dead wives isn’t going to make you particularly cheerful but Kratos looks like he could sour a pint of milk from one hundred paces. I think the beard was a good idea, even if Corey Barlog does think it smells of “pine and dead troll.”


We also have lovely compilation of Kratos saying the word ‘boy” for over an hour, all taken from the new game. There are minor spoilers in the video – you have been warned – but the clips are very quick so you can watch a minute or two just for lols and not have to worry too much.

Source: YouTube

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.

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  1. Kratos is from Cork, boy!

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