Battlefield V’s Reveal Date Actually Leaked

The next Battlefield  has had it’s reveal date leaked, and I mean exactly that. A door in Battlefield 1 that had been shut all year has recently been opened via a series of buttons that were patched in, and behind the door is a cell with a painting of a white horse.

There are also a set of pipes which actually drip in morse code, which can then be decoded to reveal a web address. That address is which a plain page with the text “MAY 23, 2018 #battlefield”.

Do you see what they did there? Dripping pipes gave us the reveal date, it really did leak out. Excellent punning, EA.

Battlefield V, which apparently has had a numbering change recently as it was called Battlefield 2 for a long time, will be officially revealed on May 23rd. Eurogamer are reporting they have heard from sources that it’s set in WW2, and I have also heard from “people familiar with the project” that it’s WW2.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. Here’s hoping it’s a return to classic Battlefield form and not Star Wars Battlefront in WWII skin. BF1 was so boring it was untrue.

    • Boring? I think it’s the best BF game since BF2.

      • I only played in the betas, but it never really gripped me. I was hoping for something more gritty, something similar to Rising Storm, but it still felt very arcade-y.

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