Rage 2 Officially Announced, Gameplay Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Update: Surprise! I bet nobody actually figured it out, but Rage 2 is an actual thing and Bethesda have stunned the world with its surprise announcement!

Here’s the announcement trailer, and Bethesda have decided to drag this one out for an extra day by pre-announcing that a gameplay trailer and more details are coming tomorrow at 3PM BST.


The original trailer leak story is below.

Walmart leaked Rage 2 last week causing Bethesda to tweet a sarcastic response, and since then they have been teasing the game which will be officially announced today. However, a teaser trailer has leaked on to YouTube and Bethesda are trying to shut down all the copies, but it’s been GIF’d and chucked on Twitter and there’s not a lot they can do about that.

Expect a full announcement a little later.

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  1. Wow, what a surprise…

    I did enjoy Rage though, simple, good old id games shooter.

    • Same here. I’m up for more Rage so looking forward to seeing more of this tomorrow but I am a little worried that Avalanche is looking like the main developer.
      I like their games but I doubt they’ll make a FPS as good as id.

      • Damn, I didn’t realise that. I’m not quite sure it’s going to be as good as I thought now, but still I’ll stick with some gameplay videos and see what’s been cooked up.

  2. Could this look anymore generic?! First one was shite too. Turnaround and wait 20mins for the world to load. I only got it because Jesse plays it briefly in Breaking Bad, lol!

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