Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII Revealed, Here Are All The Details

It’s the year of the Black Ops as Activision has just unveiled Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, the latest entry in their massive annualised shooter franchise.

Treyarch say they are breaking with convention again with Black Ops IIII, “It gives you more way to have fun with your friend than we have ever created, its the deepest most replayable game in our history.”


It all starts with the multiplayer of Black Ops 4, set in a narrative world between Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4.

Thrust jumps? Gone. Wall-running? Gone. Black Ops 4 is proudly “100% boots on the ground” in an aim to be a more “grounded, tactical experience” while still maintaining the frantic, always-moving “guns-up” mentality of previous games.

Specialist characters return, with the first being revealed as Ruin, a returning Black Ops 3 specialist who can use the brand new grappling hook tool. Another specialist is Crash, who has healing abilities that benefit both him and his allies. Recon can fire Sensor Darts and Vision Pulses to reveal enemy activity through walls and obstacles, while Firebreak has new abilities that aim to disrupt the flow of combat and negate air-based abilities like UAVs and drones.

Black Ops 4 has “made more improvements to the weapon systems than Black Ops 1, 2, and 3 combined”. Weapons have brand new animations, particle effects, bullet physics and more. Each weapon will also have it’s own unique set of equipable attachments. Operator Mods are a new feature that further allow gun customization and ability enhancement.

There are also a number of other new changes and additions to the flow of combat. Black Ops 4 is the first game in the franchise to use predictive recoil for weapons, allowing dynamic on-the-fly trajectory adjustments. Healing is also now manually triggered by a dedicated healing button that runs on a cool down timer. A new feature called Fog of War reveals enemy presence and movement only within a specific radius surrounding the player character and for the competitive fans, League Play is set to return in a big way.

Treyarch aims to deliver more narrative and character depth in multiplayer than ever before. Part of this is done through new, multiplayer character trials that reveal reveal the backstory of the new and old specialist operators.

Beyond competitive multiplayer, Zombies is also set to return.

Black Ops 4 marks the start of a brand new story-line, separate and distinct from the previous winding narrative of the Zombies universe. Charlotte, Bruno, Diego, and Shaw are forced together in order to fight off a brand new mystical threat.

The revamped Zombies game will give players a suite of tools that allows players to create custom modes, rules, and experiences to help make Zombies “an evergreen mode”. The Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system also helps the competitive players out by providing specific info on custom game modes in order to support things like tournaments or speed-running competitions.

For solo players. Zombies will have full bot support. Zombie Rush is also a new, streamlined mode meant to entertain players without a group or help introduce new players to the world of Zombies.

Black Ops 4 plans to launch with three full Zombies narrative experiences on day one; IX set in ancient Rome, Voyage of Despair set on the Titanic, and finally Blood Of The Dead, a campaign that revisits a fan favourite story from the previous Zombies narrative.

Treyarch is collaborating with Beenox to create the PC port of Black Ops 4, and it’s also the first game in the franchise to launch on Blizzard’s platform. The game will be fully integrated with every social feature of the Blizzard client, and things like UI elements and weapon recoil are uniquely redesigned to fit improve the mouse and keyboard experience.

The biggest addition to Black Ops 4, although not a big surprise, is a brand new battle royale mode called Blackout.. The map this mode takes place on is “over 1500 times bigger than Nuketown”, and features fan-favourite characters, weapons, and locations. There will also be land, air and sea vehicles involved in the action. Iconic moments, environments, and experiences from the Black Ops franchise will be featured.

Finally, it was confirmed that there would be no single player campaign.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is set to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 12th October, what do you think of the many changes?

Source: Call of Duty Twitch event

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  1. Well, a battle royale mode more than makes up for not having a single player campaign. Absolutely. Not being sarcastic in any way at all.

    Ok, maybe I am. Just a little bit.

  2. Honestly, I can live without campaigns. I AM PUMPED FOR ZOMBIES ON THE TITANIC THO LMFAO

  3. “It gives you more way to have fun with your friend than we have ever created, its the
    deepest most replayable game in our history.”

    Dont you just love BS marketing drivel.

    • Fun with your friend? Just the one of them?

      The BS marketing drivel on the PS blog states “A game that is replayable by its very nature and is designed to be enjoyed with friends for years to come”.

      So you’re allowed more than 1 friend, I guess. Kind of glad it’s replayable though. I was worried it’d stop working after the first game. Although they’d probably think that was a good idea and charge you for another game if they could.

      And “years to come”? The years presumably being the last bit of 2018 and most of 2019, at which point the next game comes along and it’s mostly dead. Technically that’s years.

      • “A game that is replayable by its very nature and is designed to be enjoyed with friends for years to come”.

        I think they said the same thing about Destiny 2…

  4. The battle royale mode sounds cool but we’ll wait and see

  5. A few years ago, when nearly every game started to get crappy MP, I remember thinking, ‘surely it can’t get any worse than this…’

    Now… Battle Royale & no SP campaign… LOL!

    Surely it can’t get any worse than this…

    2 years time… Black Ops V – Free to play, mobile game with loot crates xD

    • Free to play – this is the cod franchise mate, they will charge upfront, have dlc, and loot boxes if they ever go mobile.

      So is this game going to be full price then, seen as its only half a game.

  6. Did I just watch a trailer for Indiana Jones & the Zombie Gladiators Time Travelling Trip on the Titanic???

    he normal multiplayer looks more cartoony than usual.

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