Dieselpunk RPG Insomnia: The Ark Looks Good In This New Trailer

Publisher HeroCraft and developer Studio Mono have dropped a trailer for their PC RPG, Insomnia: The Ark. The game is set on a huge ship, a “colossal space metropolis brimming with the secrets of a long-gone civilisation,” which has suffered a terrorist attack.

“It’s our first project, our beloved child. We’ve been developing INSOMNIA for nine years, and finally we’re almost there!” said Anatoly Nekrasov, CEO and Lead Developer of Studio Mono. “We’re delighted to present the game to our biggest fans from Kickstarter. The game has been altered several times, we’ve changed concepts, plot and mechanics, but we’ve attempted to save the unique visual style and deep dystopian atmosphere.”

Insomnia: The Ark will release for PC later this year.

Source: AGD

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  1. Thanks for covering our game! Will be happy to see you on our Steam page (add INSOMNIA to your wishlist, make a dev happy :D) https://goo.gl/3E4ezF

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