Imperator: Rome Is Paradox Interactive’s Next Grand Strategy Game

Fans have been waiting with great anticipation for Paradox Development Studios’ next big grand strategy game, and at PDXCON this morning they’ve revealed it to the world. Imperator: Rome will take players back to the early years of the Roman Empire in 2019.


While the expectation was of a return to the Industrial Revolution with a new Victoria game, PDS’ Johan Andresson has been heading up development on this step thousands of years to the classical world. Naturally you’ll be able to play as Rome and found its empire, but the world map stretches well beyond Europe, all the way to India, with the ability to play as any of the clans, tribes and empires of the time.

A typically detailed dive into the era, you’ll have to manage the various characters leading your armies and governing provinces, balance the demands of different types of government, whether a Senate, monarchy or tribal system, trade and much more.

It’s also by far the best looking PDS grand strategy so far, pushing beyond Hearts of Iron IV and putting the world map on a par with Creative Assembly’s recent Total War games.

Source: PDXCON

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