Watch The Battlefield V Reveal Trailer Here, Out On 19th October

Here it is, the Battlefield V reveal trailer, showcasing the game’s graphics engine, a smidgeon of gameplay and many of the other elements that will feature in Battlefield V. The game, DICE and EA have now revealed, will be launching on 19th October, with early access on 16th October for those buying the deluxe edition.


To catch the original stream and the dev chat surrounding it, it’s just down below. We’re under embargo until 10PM with our big write up of all the details, which comes from a behind the scenes explanation earlier today.

Battlefield’s naming conventions are confusing and a bit dumb, but that won’t stop DICE and EA officially unveiling Battlefield V and pretending like it’s the fifth game in the series – it’s actually more like the 13th, I think.

Tonight’s reveal will kick off at 9PM and will be hosted by Trevor Noah from The Daily Show. Why? Nobody knows, but we’ll find out if the rumours of a WW2 setting, Battle Royale mode and more are true.

If you can’t be bothered to watch, we’ll have all the juicy details in an article shortly after the stream wraps up.

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  1. It certainly looks like EA have learnt their lessons, no premium pass, no pay to win.

    Not too sure Trevor Noah is the best host though?

    • I’m sure they chose Trevor Noah because certain sections of the internet are really not a fan of him. Possibly because they’re a little bit racist. Or possibly because he’s quite clever and can speak many languages (half a dozen or so?) when they can barely speak one.

      Add a woman into the trailer, and they can sit back and watch the outrage from some idiots generate even more publicity for something that’s going to sell lots anyway.

      It seems to be working so far.

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