Meditative VR Fishing Game Catch & Release Launches On PC This Month

Apparently there’s something quite relaxing about fishing, I’ve never found that to be the case I’ve always been bored stiff but perhaps that’s because I wasn’t sat in a boat on a lovely lake, basking in the sunshine and wearing a nice hat. You can do all that in Catch & Release which will, ahem, release on June 5th for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


  • The Boat – Use the unique rowing mechanics to find the best fishing spots and explore the beautiful environment.
  • The Fishing Rod – Throw the line out and attract a fish – Your interactive fishing rod offers you full control, with different bait and lures and haptic feedback.
  • The Shop – Sell your fish and buy new gear and items in the in-game shop!
  • Fishing – Catch the biggest fish, fight to reel them in, but don’t let them snap the line and escape! You’ll need strategy and finesse to tire them out if you want to make the greatest catch!
  • Secrets – Find trash or treasure. The lake hides more than just fish!
  • Music – Over 30 commercial tracks that have been specially curated for Catch & Release playing on the in-game boat radio. Licensed by Flip Entertainment, the tracks were selected to enhance the in-game music with a non-standard selection aimed at improving the overall immersive experience.

The game will also be coming to PlayStation VR later this summer.

Source: Press release / YouTube

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