Jurassic World Car Pack DLC Coming To Rocket League

Years ago we used to get a video game tie-in for any big movie and they used to be good, the Robocop II tie in game on the Amiga was the dogs. However, somewhere down the line quality of tie games dropped and just like movies based on games, games based on movies were universally rubbish. Activision were the last company to hold out, releasing awful games based on the Transfomers movies, but since then all we get are games for children, such as the upcoming Hotel Transylvania 3 game.

Instead of movie games we get DLC, Star Wars Battlefront had a Han Solo event, Thanos turned up in Fortnite and now Rocket League is getting the Jeep Wrangler featured in Jurassic World. There’s also a Jurassic World themed Topper, three Player Banners, three Antennas, and a ridiculously awesome ‘T. rex’ Goal Explosion.


Check out the trailer which is a is homage to a certain scene from Jurassic Park.

Source: RocketLeague 

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