Turbo Golf Racing beta swings into action next week

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Turbo Golf Racing’s open beta will launch on 28th April across PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Hugecalf Studios and publisher Secret Mode have announced. Xbox gamers can sign up right now via the Xbox Insiders app, while PC gamers will want to snag the beta from Steam on the day.


Turbo Golf Racing supports cross-platform play between PC and Xbox, and that’s sure to be a part of what the beta will test. The beta will run from 12PM BST on Thursday 28th April until 10AM BST on Monday 2nd May.

2022 has already had its fair share of golf game genre mash-ups, and from its announcement in March, Turbo Golf Racing looks like it’s driving for the freshly mown greens of ‘Rocket League but it’s giant golf and not car football’. It’s a fast-paced arcade take on golf for eight players, with everyone having a turbo-charged car that you can zoom around the fairways to strike oversized golf balls.

The aim of the game being the first to get your specific ball in the hole, but getting there will be chaotic. Racers can jump, flip, glide, boost and dash with their cars, while taking advantage of boost pads, secret tunnels and even get a bit militant with missile attacks. Then there’s Power Cores, which can be unlocked and equipped to let you hit balls further, fly faster, and use abilities like Ground Stomp and Gravitate Ball.

Power Cores will be just one part of the game’s customisation, with paint jobs for both car and ball, and then car customisation with fancy wheels, spoiler, shield, car body and boosters.

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The beta will preview the full game’s content – and there’s plans for post-launch support as well – with the following:

  • 12 playable courses
  • Online, cross-platform matchmaking supporting up to eight players per match
  • Single-player time trials
  • Daily missions
  • Dedicated 15-level Beta progression season
  • Nine gameplay-changing Power Cores
  • More than 80 cosmetic items

Plenty to get a good taste of what’s to offer, and beta participants will unlock up to three exclusive items in the final game. Full details will be revealed soon.

Turbo Golf Racing will launch on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One later this year, and will be in Xbox Game Pass as well.

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