[UPDATE] Warner Bros. Teasing Hitman Season 2

Warner Bros. have tweeted a short gif which seems to show mechanics attending to a race car, and have said all will be revealed on Thursday. There’s a lot of specualtion to what this could be, after all Warner Bros. don’t own and racing IPs, so what could it be?

Well, the Hitman Twitter account also teased a new incoming target around the same time, and Warner Bros help IO Interactive publish Hitman. The link is that the racing car seems to be sponsored by Hamsun, and in the current season of the game Olivia Hall is “currently involved in an operation about Hamsun Oil in Reykjavik, Iceland.”


Only a few days until we find out!

UPDATE: We found out a bit quicker. The Warner Bros. website had “Hitman 2” as an image hidden away behind some code.

Source: Twitter 1/2/3

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