Code Vein Launches This September

Bandai Namco have stuck their head round the door of the TSA office and screamed a release date at us for Code Vein.

“BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe are very pleased to announce the CODE VEIN standard and collector editions for Xbox One and PlayStation4 ,as well as the digital edition for PC will be available 28th September, 2018!” they yelled.


They’re very talented over and Bandai Namco, can you shout in italics and bold? No, I didn’t think so.

The also shouted about a collectors edition being available and that pre-orders will bag you three crossover weapons from God Eater and you will also get access to the special blood veil Venous Claw and the Accessory Set.

Source: Press Release / YouTube / Frantic screaming from a door of the office

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