Dontnod’s Next Game, Twin Mirror, Has Been Revealed

Day two of Sony’s pre-E3 show has revealed the next game by Life is Strange and Vampyr creators Dontnod and it’s not Life is Strange 2. However, Twin Mirror appears to have a lot in common with Dontnod’s previous work, it’s a mystery set in a rural town called Basswood in West Virginia , and the protagonist seems to have abilities or visions of some sort. It looks a bit like Twin Peaks: The Video game to be honest, and that could be awesome.


The death of a friend. A broken heart. A hometown that’s no longer home. With no memory of the night before and an ominously bloody shirt as his only clues, it’s time for Sam to find the truth.

Twin Mirror is a psychological thriller wrapped around an investigation where your memories, choices, and relationships will determine Sam’s complicated fate. As he comes to terms with heartbreak, homecoming, and the perpetual struggle of adulthood, Sam will need your help exploring a dark and emotional adventure where the line between truth and deception is blurred.

The game is being published by Bandai Namco and will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Twitter / PS Blog

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  1. This looks great. With elements of Alan Wake, Twin Peaks and a touch of Silent Hill; Dontnod are pushing the right buttons.

    • Just make sure push them quick enough! Looks very good.

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