Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gets A CGI Trailer, Gameplay & Joseph Gordon Levitt

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been given a bit of a showing at Ubisoft’s currently ongoing E3 conference, first with a CGI story trailer and then some brief snippets of gameplay. Paige Pey’J the improbably named pig-man returns, there’s some swearing from a monkey, and we can’t forget the protagonist of the first game, Jade, who appears to be an antagonist somehow.


Gameplay was only a few brief showings, but they did go into a few more details about the game. In addition to saying that what is shown is only a “very small” part of a much larger universe, they also announced that fans will be able to contribute to the universe via the Space Monkey Program.

This program involves Joseph Gordon Levitt’s company Hit Record and will allow fans to contribute assets such as music and art to help fill out the universe. Joseph Gordon Levitt, after walking onto stage to the sound of jaws hitting the floor, explained that rather than run contests where fans will compete with each other to get into the game, the experience will be more collaborative, working toward a common goal and, as revealed in tweets after the show, will pay contributors if their work makes the cut.

Ubisoft have even provided their own breakdown of the game’s trailer, available below.



  1. PEY’J! His name is PEY’J!

    On another note; it seems like the charm of the first game has totally vanished and has now become an adult dark comic. What a shame.

  2. Never played the first game, but I’m super interested in this now. One of the stand out trailers of E3 for me so far!

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