Skull & Bones Gets Two Dramatic E3 Trailers

Greedy trading companies and pirates form the basis of Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones, a game where there are no heroes. Piracy is dead in the Caribbean so you will be heading to the Indian ocean where merchant ships carry treasured cargo of diamonds.

Each mission begins at your hideout, a base where you can chose the ship, crew, and gear you need.  The game is reactive and evolving with ‘Fortunes’,  world modifiers that change how the missions plays, for example favourable winds which means more merchants, but also more pirates.

When originally revealed the game did look like they had just chopped off the sailing bits of Black Flag, but it’s clear there’s a lot more to the game. You can disguise your ship to evade detection and each ship as a special abilities such as siege mode which has no limits on cannon fire when the vessel is anchored. If you’re facing a powerful foe you can invite other players in to the battle to even the odds.

I loved the naval battles in Black Flag and these new trailers have piqued my interest in Skull & Bones, definitely one to watch.


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  1. I was hoping they would show more of this and I’m definitely not disappointed!

  2. I’d completely forgotten about this game! Looks really good though.

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