Disney Are Making A Nintendo Switch Gameshow

It sounds equal parts terrible and brilliant, but Disney and Nintendo are teaming up to make a new TV gameshow for the Disney Channel called Nintendo Switch Family Showdown.

As gameshows go, I think the title says it all. This sees four families going head to head in Switch-based competition, whether it’s grabbing as many collectibles as possible in Super Mario Odyssey, duking it out in Mario Tennis Aces, or having a dance off in Just Dance 2018. Think of it like Family Feud mixed with Let’s Go 8-Bit and, well, the Nintendo Switch.


The show is now open for entries, which is set to be held in LA later this summer, and it’s sadly only open to US residents.. Up to four family members can take part, and at least one has to be between 6 and 18 years old. All willing families have to do is submit a short video explaining why they’re crazy Nintendo fans and they can win a trip to LA where they’ll compete for prizes and meet Disney Channel stars.

Source: Nintendo Switch Showdown via BusinessWire

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