Why Unravel Two Is Not On Nintendo Switch

Developer Coldwood Interactive has explained why EA’s indie platformer Unravel 2 did not launch on Switch, an decision that many thought was odd as it suited to console, the two switch controllers are the same colour as the delightful Yarnies.

Despite looking like a simple side scrolling platformer  producer Michael Gill has explained that the game has incredibly complicated graphics. “Some locations have around four million triangles on screen,” he said, “There are a lot of details, complex landscapes, all the vegetation and stuff. ”


“There’s water simulation in a lot of areas and the yarn physics – although they’re quite simple mechanics, it still has a lot of layers just to make it playable. There are a lot of physics to tweak all the time, and we have systems on top of those to make it feel good as well. We use all cores quite heavily on the bigger consoles,” he added.

They also wanted the game to run at 60FPS and apparently that was a bit of a push even on Xbox One. This maybe because they used a heavily modified version of Sony’s PhyreEngine which they ported to Xbox themselves. At present there is no Switch version of the engine, so even if they console was powerful enough to run Unravel 2 there’s no way to get the game on Switch.

Porting the game to Nintendo would have held up the release by “six months” according to Michael, “We can do it, but it will take some time.” However, during the entire interview with GI.Biz he doesn’t explicitly say the game will be ported to Switch.

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Source: GI.Biz

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