Survey Results: 35% Of Kids Skipping High School Or College To Play Fortnite

Student loan platform LendEDU isn’t the first place you’d think of going for video games news but they have just published the results of a survey regarding the spending habits of Fortnite players and the results are surprising.

They only surveyed 1,000 Fortnite players in the United States, of which at least a third were at school or college, so it’s a small sample, but the reveal that the average amount of money spent in by those who have bought items game was $84.67 is shocking. If you factor in those who have not spent a dime then the average drops $58.25. I would suspect with bigger sample size that average would drop but not by all that much. 


Around 10% of the money spent was on dance emotes, but most of it was for outfits. Amazingly, nearly 20% of players thought that by purchasing in game items they would get an advantage when playing. Streaming services are also benefiting with  25% of the people surveyed also pay for a Twitch premium subscription just so they can watch Fortnite matches.

The survey also reveals that over 20% of adults in full time employment have skipped work just to play the game, and 35% of school children have done the same. Of the children nearly 15% of them said they missed school “a lot” just to play the game. That’s a worrying statistic.

Source: Lendedu via Gamerant

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  1. I don’t get it. Downloaded it because it was free, tried it once and played for about an hour, had zero fun or less, deleted it, never looked back.

    • My nephew explained it like this: “You know I used to like mucking around in Minecraft? Now I’m a teenager I like mucking around in Fortnite!”. It does seem to have that high mucking around factor that gets more addictive the better you get.

  2. My 7yr old nephew keeps sending me invites so i had a look at some of his YT videos and it’s all “Hey everybody let’s dance – Woo!”

    Probably just as well they’ve added a playground mode! :)

  3. A thousand people = useless survey to make this kind of news.

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