Past Cure Gets A Patch That Rewrites A Lot Of The Game

Past Cure launched four months ago and didn’t review particularly well so it’s nice to see the developers taking the criticisms on board. The new patch includes new story elements, cinematics, new voice overs, redesigned levels, reworked sanity meter, new textures, improved auto-aim and new abilities.

The patch is out now for PC and will land on Xbox One and PS4 very soon.

New areas and redesigned levels

  • Entirely new areas have been created to enable more immersive gameplay in levels that have been redesigned to offer a more challenging, and ultimately more enjoyable experience for the player.

More mind-bending abilities – In Past Cure, players have many different abilities, but to create more ways to play, and feel even more powerful, two new abilities have been added.

  • Mind bash allows you to stun or kill enemies and destroy objects within the environment.
  • Mind Fly creates a shield around Ian, which utilises sanity as the hits reign in, giving you a useful addition to your journey, but one that comes at a cost.

A story that continues to unfold – Throughout Past Cure, cinematics have been reworked to tell more of the story loved by its fans, and splintered across its levels are more elements of the backstory to discover.

Reworked Sanity Meter –The new sanity meter doesn’t recover from under 35%, and as it depletes toward zero, the nightmares from Ian’s dream world begin to surface in the real world, creating a new threat. Ian will have to decide upon fight or flight against these new foes until his sanity recovers.

Source: Press release

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