The Nine New Supers From Destiny 2: Forsaken Have Been Detailed

The forthcoming Destiny 2 expansions, Forsaken, will bring a load of changes including a bunch of new supers for each class. Gameinformer magazine in the United States has coverage of the expansion and some helpful chap has uploaded the details of the new Supers which can be found in the magazine.


Void Sentinel: Code of the Commander. Melees cause explosions. All void ability damage attaches a detonator to enemies. Any additional damage causes an explosion to go off, and any enemies caught in the explosion get a detonator of their own. Detonator explosions cause your and allies grenade energy to slightly recharge.Super: Banner Shield – Can be used offensively to hit enemies, but holding guard will now create a barrier of light that absorbs enemy attacks while allowing friendly fire to pass through. Think Reinhardt or Brigette from Overwatch.


Solar Sunbreaker: Code of the Devastator. Melees will throw a hammer which remains in the world. If you retrieve it where it fell, your melee energy will be fully recharged and health regen will be triggered. Solar ability kills increase a damage multiplier up to 3x. Super: Siege Hammer – Wield a flaming maul, a giant hammer that slams that ground and leaves flame tornadoes in its wake.

Arc Striker: Code of the Missile. Pressing the melee button while in the air with slam the Titan into the ground, granting some super energy. Sliding into ammo will automatically reload the equipped weapon and grant increased weapon damage for a limited time. Super: Thundercrash – Fly through the air like a missile, guiding your Titan to land in a specific area, dealing massive area-of-effect damage to any enemies caught in the blast.


Void Nightstalker: Way of the Wraith. Melee smoke bombs damage and slow down enemies caught in the smoke. Precision kills cause the Hunter to go invisible and gain truesight, which grants the ability to see enemies through walls. Super: Spectral Blades – Become one with the shadows and channel your inner assassin, stealthily getting behind foes for lethal stabs without them ever knowing you were there.

Solar Gunslinger: Way of a Thousand Cuts. Melee attacks send out an entire fan of burning blades. Burning enemies recharge the Hunter’s dodge, and killing burning enemies recharges the knife trick melee.  Super: Blade Barrage – Instead of a gun, the Hunter now doubles down on their skills with knives, creating a volley of explosive kills from the burning blades.

Arc Arcstrider: Way of the Current. Sliding before a melee unleashes an uppercut with the arc staff. Melee hits increase the Hunter’s reload speed. Arc abilities electrify enemies and melee attacks while electrified will disorient enemies and recharge your abilities. Super: Whirlwind Guard – The Arcstrider staff works as usual, but you can now also create a guard by spinning the staff in front of you, which will reflect projectiles back at enemies and triple any staff damage donw after the guard.


Void Voidwalker: Attunement of Fission. Atomic Breach melee attack causes a ranged void explosion. Holding the grenade button makes a small area-of-effect supernova. Void ability kills heal the Warlock and recharge ability energy. Super: Nova Warp  The Warlock can teleport short distances before exploding with void energy at the target location.

Arc Stormcaller: Attunement of Control. Melees will throw an electricity ball that will detonate and fire a lightning bolt straight down from its location. Arc kills have a chance to create Ionic Traces, with are arc energy that travels towards the Warlock. These Traces recharge abilities. Super: Chaos Reach – Fire a focused beam of high-damage arc energy that can either be held for the full duration of the Super, or deactivated to conserve Super energy.

Solar Dawnblade: Attunement of Grace. Melee attacks with set enemies on fire, but grant empowerment to allies. Holding the grenade button turns it into a Blessing, a projectile that will heal allies and drop overshield orbs on the ground. Abilities that heal or empower recharge all non-Super abilities. Super: Well of Radiance – Impaling the solar sword into the ground creates a massive aura that grants rapid healing and empowerment to allies.

Expect Bungie to show off the new Supers in a video very shortly.

Source: Reddit

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