Sega’s New Sonic Mania Plus Informercial Has A Touch Of Pot Meets Kettle

Sega have created a parody infomercial which shows a video game store assistant trying to flog a generic triple-A first person shooter which is “totally updated from the last shooter six months ago” but the customer is distracted by the display for Sonic Mania Plus.


The assistant tries to sell the shooter highlighting exactly how similar it is to many other titles, which is rather rich when Sonic Mania contains eight zones from the original Sonic game. “Don’t you want to play the same generic game as everyone else?” asks the assistant without a hint of irony. He also explains that the game is much cheaper than the $60 shooter, but fails to mention that there’s a $80 collectors edition of Sonic Mania  that doesn’t even come with a copy of the game. 

If you are going to mock the games industry for lacking originality perhaps best not do it with what is essentially remake of a game from twenty five years ago?

Sonic Mania Plus is out on July 17th, 1993. Arf.

Source: YouTube

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