Steel Division 2 Takes Its Real Time Tactical Warfare To The Eastern Front

Eugen Systems have announced a sequel to last year’s Steel Division: Normandy 44, taking their brand of real time tactical warfare to the Eastern Front.

Set during Operation Bagration and the Soviet offensive of the summer of 1944, this game will feature over 600 different units that were fielded by the Red Army and Axis. From the Katyusha rockets to the T-34, this has all been recreated in as historically accurate a fashion as possible.

However, this is more than just a new campaign and setting. The army deck building mechanics will return, but Eugen are making changes to the system. In addition, a new turn-based Dynamic Strategic Campaign mode will let players delve even deeper into managing their army, forming a strategy and plan around the order of battle, maps, units and supply lines.

It’s being boosted with additional game modes, including co-op and large scale 10v10 battles, which are powered by a new version of the IrisZoom engine and a more realistic art style.

There’s no word on when Steel Division 2 will be releasing, but it will be self-published by Eugen for the first time.

Source: press release

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