Vampyr Is Getting Two New Difficulty Modes This Summer

Whether or not you’ve been sinking your teeth into Dontnod’s Vampyr, the studio are looking to expand the ways that you can play their vampiric 20th century story.

A major update is coming to the game later this year, bringing with it a ton of optimisations and tweaks, as well as two new difficulty modes. Story mode naturally places more focus on the narrative, letting you progress with much less challenging combat and revel in its take on 1918 London, while Hard mode is the exact opposite. There you’ll get less experience from killing enemies, which will force players to rely on getting a bit bitey with citizens in order to become more powerful.


There’s no set date for when this will appear, but Focus have put the game on sale with 25% off in the PS Store summer sale and on Steam. The game has been fairly successful so far, managing to top to UK charts upon release and selling in excess of 450,000 units during its first month on sale.

Source: press release

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