Vampyr Shifts 450,000 Copies In The First Month

Dontnod have revealed that their new IP, Vampyr, has sold over 450,000 copies in the first month.  The game shot to the top of the UK charts on the week of release, the same week Onrush only managed #34, so you can imagine what the sales figures for the Codemasters title were like.

Focus Home Interactive’s boss Cédric Lagarrigue had previously told MCV that the game would be profitable when it hits the 1/2 million mark, so that’s not far off, and they expect it to sell around one million copies in total. He also stated that there will be no DLC for the title, but if it does sell well a sequel would be considered.


We gave Vampyr 6/10 in our review, “Vampyr feels like a bit of a throwback to a past age of action RPGs,” commented Aran.

Source: MCV / PCGameInsider

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  1. I’m glad it did well as it seemed to have a “wait for a sale” vibe about it.
    I wonder if many people played Remember Me last gen but I liked that game, I hope they get another shot at it.

  2. Game drought sort of title. Ill definitely give it a whirl at some point.

    • Me too, & I’m sure I’ll enjoy it somewhat.

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