Holospark Announce Earthfall’s Update Roadmap & Free Content

The release of Earthfall was just the start for Holospark’s spin on the Left 4 Dead-style co-op shooter. As has long been the plan, the team behind the game were really building the foundations with a view to keep expanding and growing the game over time.

Today they’ve revealed their roadmap for the game’s future updates and free content.


Three updates, dubbed Inferno, Milita and Invasion, will be coming out in August, September and October respectively. They’ll be adding new missions, weapons, skins, enemies and building toward the release of a horde mode in the Invasion update.

Many of these have been labelled as community requests, emphasising how Holospark are adapting their game to keep people invested and playing. So the more meaningful player progression will let you earn experience and then spend that on new cosmetics and player abilities.

It wasn’t our favourite game of the last few months, but it’s great to see Holospark working to build and improve on what was originally released.

Source: press release, Holospark

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