Major Earthfall Invasion Update Announced

Earthfall released with a bit of a shrug earlier this year, as Holospark tried to create a co-op shooter that captured the vibe of Left 4 Dead and brought it bang up to date. It didn’t quite pan out, but the studio have been sticking with it and developing it further, as was always their plan.

Today sees the announcement of a major Invasion update, which will release on 30th October and takes into account a lot of what the community have been requesting they tweak, change and add to improve the gameplay. Most importantly is a straight up Horde mode, which will feature four new maps with wave after wave of aliens, some of which are new. Player progression is also being given an overhaul, so there’s 50 levels of cosmetics and player abilities.


But sometimes things just need to feel better, and a bit part of that can come from audio. They’ve teamed up with the Formosa Group sound studio to completely overhaul all the weapon audio in the game, from AK47 and Desert Eagle to sci-fi guns like the Valkyrie. Collin Moore, Senior Community Manager, said, “We wanted to show our fans how serious we are about the future of Earthfall, and that is why we sought out the best sound design team in the world to level up the audio of Earthfall.”

Source: press release


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