Bee Simulator Announced For Consoles And PC

Honey, I have some news for you. Bee Simulator will be buzzing it’s way on to PC, PS4, and Xbox One this year with, as becoming the norm, a Nintendo Switch version following at a later date.

Obviously the first question everyone wants answered is ‘Are there evil wasps in the game?’ and the answer seems to be yes. However, it’s a non violent title aimed at the younger market but does include a free roam mode, a story mode, and a split screen option which will be great for parents who want to join the fun.


A unique chance to see the macro scale world from the micro perspective of a honeybee;
A realistic representation of a place inspired by Central Park;
Three diverse modes enriched with educational elements:
a) Single-player story mode presents you with a family of bees. Can you save the hive from the threat of human beings?
b) Exploration mode allows you to freely discover a world inspired by Central Park in New York.
c) Split-screen mode can be either used for cooperation or competition. It includes an additional map that makes the game even more fascinating.
A possibility to interact with the surroundings: people, animals, plants, and other insects;
Lack of violence – it’s a perfect choice for parents seeking a game to safely play with their children;
Relaxing music composed by Mikołaj Stroiński, who was responsible for the soundtrack of such games as The Witcher 3 and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Source: YouTube / Press release

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  1. I wonder what ‘simulator’ they’ll think of next?

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