Flipping Death Is Out Next Week, From The Devs Of Stick It To The Man

Zoink are probably best known for their humorous, quirkily styled adventures like Stick It to The Man and Zombie Vikings, and their next is coming out next week. The Swedish devs have announced that Flipping Death is coming out on 7th August for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.


Penny meets an ignominious end one day in Flatwood Peaks, but luckily(?) for her, Death’s on holiday. With nobody wielding the scythe, it’s up to her to do so. Except it’s not so easy as taking lives at the right time, and Penny will have to jump back and forth between the living and dead worlds, possessing humans and solving puzzles to help the dead rest. All of this is presented in a lovely pop-up book style that flips back and forth as you jump between worlds.

Source: press release

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