Three new EA Originals are coming from Zoink (Fe), Hazelight (A Way Out) & Glowmade

After a long period of quiet, EA have announced three new indie games that are being published through their EA Originals programme. Two of these aren’t terribly surprising, as they continue on from prior relationships with Zoink Games and Hazelight Studios, but the third is a new partnership with Glowmade.


The first of these games is Lost in Random from Zoink Games, promising to be a new spin on the fantasy action adventure genre, blending strategy and action with elements of chance and possibility. You’ll know Zoink Games from their games Stick It to the Man!, Zombie Vikings and most recently Ghost Giant for PSVR, as well as their first EA Original was the action-adventure game, Fe.

The second title is RustHeart, a co-op tactical action RPG with a player and their handmade robot sidekick, set in an alien multiverse. The studio was founded by three fellows in 2015, with their first game WonderWorlds released for iOS and Android in 2017.

And finally, a game with no name. Hazelight Studios is the dev team headed up by the rather outspoken director turned game designer Josef Fares – he of shouting “F*** the Oscars” fame – who set up the studio after the success of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and created last year’s innovative split-screen co-op adventure A Way Out. Though it was already known that they intended to keep working with EA, and this announcement doesn’t give us a new game title to scribble in our notebooks, it’s good to hear that they will be continuing to explore “a fresh new take on the challenges of working together.”

EA Originals was founded in 2016 with the announcement of Fe from Zoink, before expanding to include popular indie games such as A Way Out, Unravel and the soon-to-be-released Sea of Solitude, which will be out on 5th July for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. Good to hear something is going on with EA still supporting (or ripping off, you never know) some indie developers, as their games are usually more inventive and fresh, often also better than the typical AAA games, that are just more of the same.

  2. And, by they way, since last Wednesday, my RSS feeds for TSA work again, which is excellent, just in time for E3..! Whatever you changed there, thank you, is much appreciated..! :-)

    • Well, according to Fares in the run up to A Way Out, EA aren’t in this for the money, and all the profits go too the devs. Considering that it was a passion project of former VP Patrick Söderlund (who clearly has a soft spot for Swedish devs!) that’s not too surprising.

      And yeah, apparently there were some blank lines before the XML declaration, an error which a lot of RSS readers overlook, but we finally bumped into the issue and were able to get it fixed. Sorry it took so long!

      • It’s hard to imagine EA would be doing anything but for the money (which is true for all big publishers, of course), but I hope that’s true in the case of indies.

        I’m just happy RSS works again, makes life easier..! Excellent..! Thanks..!

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