Anthem Will Have A Demo, Not A Public Beta

The line between a demo and beta has been blurred in recent years, many games have had an open beta just weeks before launch, clearly not enough time to incorporate any feedback in to the final product. They are a marketing device, a beta appears to be more exclusive, more special than a demo, and are there to build hype for the game rather than improve it.

It’s nice to hear Bioware won’t be using this tactic, despite Executive Producer Mark Darrah hinting otherwise. Vg247’s Kirk McKeand spoke to Bioware’s Jonathan Warner at Gamescom and he dropped the truthbomb.


McKeand: Will there be a beta?

Warner: A what?

McKeand: A beta.

Warner: Ah, a demo. You’re going to have opportunities to play the game early and we want to talk about that at PAX.

McKeand: You say demo – so will it be a beta or a demo?

Warner: Well, I think there’s some weirdness in there. We’re going to be testing the game in closed alphas, and then the stuff that is out to the public is a demo.

McKeand: Because betas are often close to launch, right?

Warner: Yeah.

So there we go, an actual demo. Now we just need to bring back cover mounted blu-rays on from the front of Official PlayStation magazine and all is well with the world.

Source: VG247

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  1. Maybe they just have no clue what they’ll be doing and what they should call it?

    Given what I saw of the game so far, I’ll probably try the demo or beta or whatever they end up calling it, and just like with Destiny I’ll be happy I can move on to more interesting games. Let’s see.

  2. Really looking forward to this game.

    Yes most betas are glorified demos, I think their main purpose these days really is to stress test the servers.

    Will definitely be giving this demo a bash.

  3. He sounds like a bit of a patronising twat there. At least from reading it. Might come across differently if I heard him.

    I wouldn’t agree that a beta is just a demo. It’s a way to get lots of people trying the game at once, hopefully to get some idea of how the servers stand up to the hammering they’ll take on day 1. If it’s a couple of weeks before release, yes, they’re not going to make any changes to the game. At least not on disc. The inevitable day one update might have changes based on the beta.

    And this whole “it’s a demo, not a beta” thing is exactly the same marketing bollocks you say the idea of a “beta” is. Nothing magically changes because they call it a demo. But now they get publicity for a game everyone forget was even a thing because “it’s got a good, old-fashioned demo, like we used to get when all this was fields and you could do several things that now cost lots of money for some surprisingly small amount”.

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