Report: Gamescom Visitor Craps In Bag Whilst Queuing For Fortnite, Stinks Out Hall 8

Ah, glorious, some lovely Friday news to end the day! Website have reported that a Gamescom attendee felt the call of nature whilst queuing to play Fortnite. Rather than and visit the toilets, and therefore lose his place in the queue and the chance to get hold of an exclusive spray, he decided to crap in a paper bag.

But wait, there’s more. He left the bag on the floor, and as attendees trundled towards Fortnite they started spreading the contents of the bag along the queue and then out across Hall 8. The odour could be detected through a “large part” of the hall and was so bad that a small child vomited.


Hall staff refused to clean up the mess and it seems that “a senior employee was eventually forced to end the mess and tidy up.”

FYI, this was the queue for Fortnite at Gamsecom.


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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Pooooooooo

    I’m glad I wasn’t there.

    • And how do you manage to crap in a bag while in a queue in a big Hall with nobody noticing? I guess there would be a lot of people around.

  2. Well that’s shit!

  3. That story seems like bullshit to me.


    • Knighthood is on its way. Take a bow hahaha

  5. Well, defecating in a bag was pretty courteous, mistakes were made however by simply leaving it on the floor to be trodden by the raging Fortnite stampede.
    Did the kid show the same courtesy by hurling in a bag too?

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