Two Killed As Gunman Opens Fire At Madden NFL Tournament In Florida

Two people died and nine more were injured in a shooting yesterday, as 24-year-old David Katz opened fire with a handgun at a Madden NFL tournament before taking his own life. As yet unconfirmed reports suggest that he had just been knocked out of the tournament being held at GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville, Florida, with $165,000 and qualification to the finals in Las Vegas at stake.

Katz was the 2017 winner of the same tournament, but the investigation into events is ongoing, as FBI agents have since raided his house. However, as security efforts have notably stepped up over the last two years at large video game events, witnesses describe a lack of security checks for those in attendance.


While video games have often been fingered for perpetuating gun culture and violence in the US and across the world, this is the first time that I’m aware of a shooting at a video game event such as this.

As a UK website, all we can offer are our thoughts to go out to those affected by this tragedy, but we also implore our readers in the US to do what they can to campaign and vote for greater regulation and background checks on firearms. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is just one such movement, but there are plenty more.

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  1. When I saw this on the news last night I wasn’t surprised it happened in America. I think it also said that Trump blamed the shooting on violent games. So nothing to do with the 300 million plus guns in the country!

    • It’s disgusting how the political shit slinging starts immediately in these situations, the only exception I can think of is how sensitively Obama spoke after that school shooting the same week his mum died. Such a sad story.

      • The problem these days is with news being 24 hours a day now, and these things happening all the time, they soon get (conveniently for some) forgotten about very quickly.

        So the time to talk about it and lay blame is as soon as it happens. Maybe wait an hour or two to find out enough details first.

      • Yeah that’s a sad but very good point.

    • Well, if the games industry were to donate as much money as the gun industry does to Trump and his lot, then they wouldn’t be to blame, would they? Simple, really.

      Trump hasn’t said anything on Twitter yet though, which is odd.

      Some of the more deranged Trump supporters are coming up with some good theories though. Anything to distract from the fact that if the US had sensible gun laws, this wouldn’t keep happening just about every day.

      Apparently the shooter was some left-wing Trump hater, based on some reddit comments (with, of course, no proof that it’s actually his reddit username). But then that’s from the same idiot that got James Gunn fired by Disney for comments he made 10 years ago (ranging from not very funny to a hilarious story about a monkey), just because he doesn’t like Trump.

      It’s fun watching the gamergate arseholes try and work it out though. Obviously they don’t want to blame games. Or guns. And they’re disappointed it was a white male that did it. So now he’s either just evil, or mentally disturbed. Neither of which is a good enough reason to even consider that maybe he shouldn’t be allowed guns.

      But with more guns than people, it’ll happen again soon enough. And with so much money involved, that’s not going to change any time soon. Even if something got rid of Trump.

      • I watched a programme a year or so ago about America and guns had a bloke who bought a pink children’s rifle for his daughter’s ninth birthday and got really annoyed when she didn’t want to fire it.
        Pink and children’s are two words that should never be associated with guns.

      • Have you seen Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest thing on channel 4? Who is America?

        Bits of it are very funny, others a bit rubbish. And some bits are just terrifying. His Israeli anti-terrorism expert convincing some nutters to support his idea of arming 3-year olds.

        Yes, I’m sure he probably failed to convince some people, and that wasn’t shown. But just the fact that even a few of them thought that was a good idea is pretty scary. And of course a few of them got upset because he was sneaky and in disguise and that’s not fair because they might not have sounded quite so evil otherwise.

        I also quite like the fact that it’s been made with tax incentives from the state of Georgia. And one Republican idiot from Georgia had to resign after appearing in it screaming the N-word.

      • I’ve not seen it but I can quite believe that some Americans thought it was a good idea to arm small kids. I’ve often wondered if their brains are wired different to ours.

      • They are. Can confirm, expat.

        I could go to Walmart and buy an automatic rifle with my groceries …

  2. I am just suprised at how David Katz passed by with a gun without security checks in place! Surely they would ask you to empty pockets or to leave phone behind or in locker as this a video game competition (eSports?) (I am assuming on account of cheating)
    Just pissed off at the lack of security checks!

    • It’s America, you’re allowed to carry a gun, so even if there was a security check they couldn’t take it off him.

      • The place where it happened says “Possession of a weapon, even if legally carried (except by law enforcement officers) is absolutely prohibited on Landing property”.

        So presumably he wouldn’t have been allowed in, if they’d known he was armed.

        And yes, I did just look that up. Apparently obscene language is prohibited too. And having your trousers somewhere around your knees so people can see your pants, as I believe is the fashion with young people these days. Or any sort of clothing that doesn’t cover the body to “prevent indecent exposure”.

        They also have a Hooters. Which serves food with added tits, doesn’t it? (And is also a word Sony don’t allow you to say on the PSN)

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