Neon Parkour Game Hover Skips On To PS4, Switch And Xbox One This September

Well this is a blast from the past, I remember reading about Hover when it was Kickstarted on PC yonks ago, and the game was also revealed for PS4 with a release trailer at the last PlayStation Experience, so somewhere down the line it got delayed. But fear not, the game is now (almost certainly) coming on out September 18th on PS4, and is coming to Xbox One and Switch a day or two later.


It’s a parkour game, so no guns or fighting, with drop-in online multiplayer, a load of game modes, and a particularly funky soundtrack. The plot, not like a game like this needs one, finds actual fun banned, so it’s up to your team of neon suited pals to trick and flip your way to happiness.

“In Hover, movement is everything,” comments Pierre Raffali, Programmer & Animator at Fusty Games. “We have put an emphasis on the free-running mechanics of the game to ensure that every jump, wall-jump and grind feels unrestricted. We made sure to keep in mind the arcade style of gameplay that the Dreamcast/PS2 era brought for which we have always been nostalgic about.

Source: PS Blog


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