September’s PlayStation Plus Games Are Destiny 2 And God Of War III: Remastered

Yep you read that correctly, Destiny 2 is September’s PlayStation Plus game, but it appears it’s Day One Destiny and does not include the Osiris and Warmind expansions.

It will be joined by Kratos back when he was really angry and shouty in God of War III: Remastered, and Knowledge is Power for PlayLink and Here They Lie for PlayStation VR remain as bonus titles.


Another World, Qube, and Foul Play are the games for PS3 and PS Vita, but as these are all cross-play PlayStation 4 owners get them as well.

Destiny 2 joins PlayStation Plus today, like, right now, the other games will be available on 4th September.

Here’s the full line up.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I’m not bothered about Destiny 2 but I’ll gladly play through GOW 3 again. That epic smackdown with Zeus was the worthy culmination of an excellent trilogy.

  2. That’s a good line up, but let’s be honest, Vanilla Destiny 2 is useless asf. You could play through the story I suppose, but half the online is locked into the expansions last I heard, and it’s probably not going to get any better with Foresaken.

    • If only there was a way you could unlock all that extra content. Hmmmmmmmmmmm….

      • Hmm yeah, I guess some mug could pay the game RRP in year 1 exapansions, and then pay the rrp of the game again in a year 2 expansion. That’s what I would guess anyway.

    • All of the content that was originally available with vanilla D2 is still available if you only own vanilla D2. Nothing has changed as far as that’s concerned.

      Of course you can’t access the dlc content unless you own the dlc, but that goes without saying really.

      • Looks like they changed how DLC affects base content then. Last I heard most daily weekly activities were locked behind dlc.

      • No they got a massive backlash over that so made sure all people with base game are able to take part.

      • A good move. Gives the vanilla players on Plus a better run of it.

  3. Is destiny 2 worth playing as single player? not really that interested in playing online.. too many other games to play…

    • Yes D2 is worth playing through imo, you’ll never know what you’re missing unless you give it a go.

      Sure it’s not for everyone, but you might just like it.

      • Good to know, thanks Tony. I’ll be happy to give online a go too, hopefully there’s plenty of noobs like me to lower the average ability.

  4. I nearly bought the latest GOW game but I thought I would wait as it’ll probably be coming to plus sometime in the future. I’ll be giving number 3 a go and if I enjoy it I may buy this year’s.

  5. That’s a very good month of games, most of which i’ll be adding to my library while i continue NMS.

  6. Oh dear. So, they’re practically forcing me to play Destiny, after I was quite disappointed by the beta of their first game. Ok, I give in then, will give it a go. Just hope there’s anything like a story around worth my time.

  7. Great news if you’re a destiny player that started with the disc based version. After getting d2 on ps+ you can delete and do a full reinstall of the game (only 56gb lol) and trash your disc.

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