Bioware Warn That Puddles Seen In Anthem’s Previews May Not Be In The Final Game


Bioware are not taking any chances with Anthem and have addressed the most important issue in games development: puddles. Lead Producer Michael Gamble spoke at a panel during PAX West and showed the audience a screenshot of the game.

“In this screenshot — there is a lot to unpack here,” says Michael, “But most importantly, you’ll see that there is a puddle in the ground right in the middle there. So before we move on, there’s a 98% chance that puddle is gonna be changed, moved, reduced.”

I hope that everyone is now forewarned and will not complain at a later date. If you are a fan of puddles you might like to check out our guide to the top eight puddles in gaming.

Source: YouTube / Dualshockers


  1. Distraught at this news :'(

  2. What a puddle of mudd, everything is blurry.

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