EA Are Giving Away Battlefield 1’s Premium Pass For Free Next Week

EA’s Road to Battlefield promotion is getting its biggest push yet next week, when the company will simply shove the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass into your hands, ruffle your hair a bit and wish you luck!

Between 11th and 18th September you’ll be able to grab the Premium Pass from these links:


Up until this point, Road to Battlefield has only ever featured single expansions at a time, though they’ve often given away expansions for multiple Battlefield games together. Simply giving away the Premium Pass as a whole takes it even further, and is a great way of symbolically passing the baton from Battlefield 1 to Battlefield V when it releases in November, and from paid post-release DLC to free seasons of content in the Tides of War.

Source: EA

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  1. Didn’t they effectively do that anyway before BF1 launched? Gave away all the DLC for BF4 and Hardline?

    Yes, they did it as individual DLC, but the end result is the same.

    Good way to get some publicity and try and counter the idiots claiming it’s going to fail massively because women. (Now with added proof because pre-orders are low, after years of saying you shouldn’t pre-order games because they might sneak women in when you’re not looking)

    • Yes, they did it in the run up to BF1, and they’ve been running Road to Battlefield already over the past few months with single DLCs. This is just the first time they’ve gone, “Sod it, let’s give ’em the premium pass as a whole.”

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