The Olympics Won’t Include eSports As They “Promote Violence And Discrimination”

Campaigners have been trying to get eSports included in to the Olympics for some while and there was eSports forum in July at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. However, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach has given one fairly good reason why they won’t be included, and one that is rather puzzling.

“We cannot have in the Olympic program a game which is promoting violence or discrimination,” he told the Associated Press. “So-called killer games. They, from our point of view, are contradictory to the Olympic values and cannot therefore be accepted.”


Killer games, that’s new one. Anyway, his valid point is that many eSport titles involving murdering the other players and that just doesn’t work for an event that is about bringing people together in harmony for friendly competition. That said I can’t see any difference between a bought of Street Fighter V and a judo match, and of course there are games that are non violent such as Rocket League.

What’s more worrying is that he think games promote discrimination, I’m trying to think of any mainstream games that could accused of that but I’m struggling. Female fighters are now common place, I can’t think of any games that racists or homophobic other than those occasional hate games that can be in found in the depths of Steam, so quite where Bach has got that notion from is a mystery.

Source: AP

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  1. Can’t have a game promoting violence? Which is obviously a bit of a stupid thing to say if the olympics include things such as boxing, where the whole point is to do violence to another, real person. Or judo.

    In fact, surely an “eSport” is better than a real violent sport, because nobody real is actually getting hurt?

    The argument he should have made would be something along the lines of “No, we can’t have esports in the olympics, because they’re quite clearly not actual sports. Now piss off with that nonsense”.

    Although certain VR games can get a bit energetic and are arguably a bit closer to a sport. But still shouldn’t be in the olympics. On the other hand, do they still have that one that basically involves “sitting on a dancing horse”?

    Hmm. The arguments either way are more complicated than I thought.

    Still not a bloody sport though.

    • I think in this instance a bit of old-fartishness can be sensibly applied, Olympic sports should require physically damanding skill, athleticism or both. I think horse dancing should be out, so should shooting, and esports don’t stand a chance! There’s a long line of way more worthy activities to consider first and esports sits miles behind those plus the likes of darts, snooker, fishing, lawn mowing, topiary, masturbation and planking.

      • I’d watch at least one of those! ;)

      • I think we can sum this up nicely… Just because you’d watch it doesnt mean it should be in the Olympics!

      • But you never get to see much topiary on TV :(

  2. I assumed that by ‘discrimination’ he was referring to some of the comments that certain streamers make whilst playing. Though having read his actual statement he does seem to only be referencing the games themselves.

  3. Maybe because every single female character in any fighting game ever pretty much has her tits out? Skimpy clothes for the girls!

  4. When shooting is an Olympic sport, they can’t really use this excuse. However, it’s probably a good thing that eSports aren’t in the Olympics as I can’t see the IOC being modern enough to manage it.

    • That’s what I thought when I read his rather ignorant statements, if shooting is an Olympic discipline, then the argument’s completely off.
      They’re obviously too stuck in the past to allow for the Olympics to evolve, so gaming couldn’t fit in there anyway. Not for a while, I guess.

  5. And by the way: saying ‘many eSport titles involving murdering the other players’ is quite drastically incorrect. It is shooting at a virtual target that other players are controlling, no one gets murdered, no more than in Olympic shooting ‘sports’.

  6. I’d respect him more if he just said “video games simply aren’t an Olympic activity. Neither is writing or bird watching.” Coming up with this nonsense is pretty ridiculous, especially considering some Olympic sports actually do glorify actual violence, and there are ongoing scandals of real-life teen Olympians being sexually abused by their coaches.

  7. It’s a good point with how mature some games can be but if it’s the sort of stuff that has people beating several shades of shite out of each other… well, that’s just like boxing!

    Still, their wording shows how out of touch they are.

  8. A very good article on the topic, by the way, and the Olympics might not be that important pretty soon anyway… :

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