Shadow Of the Tomb Raider Gets An Official Fashion Line For The Ladies

Ooh, exciting, I get to wear my very underused Chief Fashion Correspondent badge! Yes, we’re heading to catwalk for this news item as Shadow of the Tomb Raider is getting it’s own clothing line, perfect for the ladies who love Lara.

Geeky fashion brand Her Universe are to launch a range inspired by the latest game, designed by Tomb Raider fan Hannah Kent. The clothing line features an ice-pick on the logo, a familiar tool to anyone who has played the games.


“If you could have told 12-year-old me that one day I would be designing a fashion line based on the adventures I couldn’t finish my homework fast enough to play, I would have exploded,” Kent said.

“In designing this line, I wanted to embrace a bit of Lara’s active lifestyle, while also giving a nod to the outdoorsy fashion style any Tomb Raider would need. My hope is that this line will help to empower fellow Tomb Raider fans to rise to their own adventures!”


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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. I noticed Lucozade have rebranded as Larazade in Sainsburys today.

  2. I think Hannah Kent should sort out fashioning her ridiculous hair style before even thinking about a clothing range.

    • She has fab hair, shush.

      • Her hair looks like an ice lolly? Poor girl must get a sticky head in the summer :/

    • What’s wrong with her hair? Looks perfectly decent to me.

      • Its long (all good), a bluey/purple colour (not so good), with shaved bits (not a good combination).

    • I don’t dislike the look, I just don’t think it suits her…

  3. Tank Girl disagrees

    • OK, I’ll give you that one!

  4. It’s a killer look.

  5. I think the clothing line looks really great!

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