Ubisoft Show Off Hovercraft Racing From The Crew 2: Gator Rush Update

If there is one universal truth, it’s that hovercrafts are awesome. That’s probably why Ubisoft North America made the decision to livestream hovercraft racing in Gator Rush – their upcoming expansion for The Crew 2.


Utilising both drifting and a nitro burst will be necessary to effectively control what is essentially an inflatable dingy with an engine. Players will be driving over both land and water in five different hovercrafts – each design inspired by real life vehicles. You’ll also be able to take the hovercraft for a spin in free drive – ”you wanna head down town in a hovercraft? You can. You want to drive up a mountain? You can.” – with the vehicles skimming over the changing terrain and rebounding when bumping into things. It certainly looks as if there have been significant improvements on the one hovercraft available in the main game.

There will also be new races added for the other vehicle disciplines, including a shorter hypercar event than we’re accustomed to and jetsprint events that reminded me of Roger Moore era James Bond as they skipped over short stretches of land.

Finally, they will debut legendary loot and there have been updates to the menu for easier one button navigation, allowing the player to quickly see the positive or negative affect of the perk or fixes caused by different vehicle parts. The purpose of these legendary items is to power up vehicles to such an extent that it allow the player to smash race records. If you play on harder difficulty levels – including the new super hard ‘ace mode’, then you’ll have a greater chance of earning legendary loot.

If certainly looks like an extensive expansion, you can see the in-game footage for yourself below. Gator Rush is the first free update for The Crew 2 available on September the 26th.

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  1. Glad to hear that the new hovercrafts are faster than the original one.

    Is the 26/9 date for general release or the seven days earlier for Season pass owners?

    • That’s the general release date, though you only get access to three of the hovercrafts without having a season pass. But all the new vehicles become available for everyone from October the 3rd.

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