Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle Knocks Seven Retro Classics Together Next Week

Announced in the middle of last night’s Nintendo Direct, the Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle is actually coming to all the major platforms, bundling together seven classic games for PS4, Xbox One and Switch when it’s released on 18th September.

For your 15.99 British Pounds, or 19.99 units of European currency, you can get Final Fight (1989), The King of Dragons (1991), Captain Commando (1991), Knights of the Round (1991) and Warriors of Fate (1992), as well as Armored Warriors (1994) and Battle Circuit (1997) which were previously only ever available in the arcades.

A classic beat ’em up wouldn’t be the same without co-op, and these ports preserve the local drop in co-op alongside online multiplayer. You can tweak the game to your tastes, with however many lives, continues and whatever difficulty you want.

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