New Grip Trailer Shows Off Some Multiplayer Action

Get a grip.

Split screen multiplayer, is there a better phrase in the video game lexicon? Immediately it brings back memories of playing Goldeneye with my college mates. We would all huddle around the N64 and play ‘Golden gun in the toilet’ mode – our own custom set-up that saw three players try to storm the faculty toilets and relieve the fourth spy of their deadly golden gun.

Anyway, whilst I wipe a tear of nostalgia from my eye, let’s have a look at this new Grip multiplayer trailer. This devestatingly fast combat arcade racer is certainly scratching my split screen itch, thanks to four players being able to compete in split screen local play.

Roll on November 6th when it will debut on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source: Press Release 

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  1. Brilliant! Day one for me, they’re pitching this perfectly with bucketloads of nostalgia factor and what the PC players seem to agree is a solid racer.

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