Project Stream Will Mean You Can Play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey In Chrome

Google are getting in on this streamed gaming lark with Project Stream, a new initiative to improve the quality of streaming technology so that it’s better suited to gaming and other low latency uses. Starting this Friday, and in partnership with Ubisoft, a select few will be able to stream Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to their Chrome web browser.

Product Manager Catherine Hsiao wrote on the Google Blog, “The idea of streaming such graphically-rich content that requires near-instant interaction between the game controller and the graphics on the screen poses a number of challenges.  When streaming TV or movies, consumers are comfortable with a few seconds of buffering at the start, but streaming high-quality games requires latency measured in milliseconds, with no graphic degradation.”


This will be a limited test to start with and has some fairly high requirements. For one thing you need to be a US resident, then you need to have signed up here and be drawn, and finally you need home internet of 25mbps or better. Not outlandishly fast, but certainly not universal. Thankfully, being based in the Chrome browser, you just need a DualShock 4, Xbox One controller, Xbox 360 controller and a Windows, Mac, ChromeOS or Linux PC.

Source: Google

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