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Glitch Inducing Message Reportedly Crashing PS4s, Users Urged To Change Settings

Reports have been coming in overnight on the PS4 subreddit of a message that is reportedly crashing PS4 consoles. Players who have received the message have stated that once the message has been received the PS4 will shut down and enter a boot loop. Various solutions are being presented such as deleting the message using the PS Messaging App on mobile, rebuilding the database, or the drastic step of factory resetting the console.

The main advice though is to change the messaging options on the console so you only receive messages from friends or no one. To do this simply go to settings, account management, privacy settings, personal information, messaging, and selecting one of the above options. It is unclear how widespread this issue is or how many people have been affected. Sony is yet to comment on the glitch.

Source: Reddit

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  1. It may also be advisable to change the friend request settings so nobody can send you those as well, since you can put a message in with a friend request and the problem may well exist there too.

    And maybe avoid playing certain games. Rainbow 6 Siege has been mentioned, possibly due to having a horrible community where people are likely to do that sort of shit to try and take out anyone they don’t like (which is possibly “anyone else”). And Rocket League has been mentioned too.

    Now it’s become news everywhere, it’s probably going to be a lot more widespread. Sony need to get on to fixing it quickly. Hopefully it can be done server side, otherwise it might take a while to get a system software update. It’d be good if they completely disabled messaging until it’s fixed, but I suspect they won’t.

  2. Thanks for the heads up.

    I’ll leave my settings as is and just check messages on my phone. That’s pretty much what I do anyway as typing is so much faster on phone.

    Some real [email protected] in the world aren’t there?

    • My understanding is you don’t need to open the message, it is when it comes through it crashes your ps4.

    • Yeah, I’ve read elsewhere the message can come through immediately as the console starts too, probably best to turn your broadband hub off before changing the settings.

  3. Everything was fine until they allowed cross-platform play ;)

    I’m joking by the way.

    Just changed my settings to be safe.

  4. Thanks TSA, I’ll change my settings, cut the power lead to my broadband box and probably shove my PS4 inside an extra large condom or two, to be safe.

  5. Thanks for the info, am away from my consoles for two weeks, so I just shut everything off remotely.
    Should be fairly easy for Sony to solve this problem at the server side of things, and ban anyone for some time who sends this type of message.

  6. I’ve received a few random msgs from strangers in the past. I used to just block the user and remove myself from the group but with this new bricking concern i’ve changed my settings to friends only.

    Incidently this spamming and bricking message concern has only arisen since Sony allowed anyone to have a PSN id even if they don’t own a console. Another example of how going mobile has adversely affected the console gaming environment.

    • No, it’s down to all these weird foreign characters we’ve got these days. There was a time when everyone was happy with only having 256 characters, half of which weren’t characters anyway. Now we’ve got far too many. Over 100,000. And it’s impossible to handle text without a risk of something going disastrously wrong.

      Not tying a PSN ID to an actual console doesn’t help. Letting people send messages from phones into the PSN doesn’t help either, although at least it lets you delete the message if your PS4 is affected, which might just fix the problem. Except if it doesn’t.

  7. Cheers for the heads up, I wouldn’t have known about it as not seen much social media etc over the weekend.

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